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Your Life is a Mirror, and This is How You Clean it.

“The world is a great mirror. It reflects you what you are.” – Thomas Dreier

Everything we encounter in our outside world is meant to show us where we are/are not free within our inside world. Many of us unconsciously go through life blaming other people for the unworthiness we feel from within. To heal the relationship you have with yourself and strengthen your relationship with others. You must accept and embrace that your perception of this reality is only known through your experience of such.

The way you feel from within will always be the cause, and the experiences you encounter outside of you will always be the effect…. Your Life Is A Mirror and This Is How You Clean It.....

1. Put a leash on your mind and walk it.

Take time out to notice your thoughts rather than allowing yourself to attach them to you as your 'identity'. Thoughts are merely indicators to your awareness (your soul), but they are not meant to dictate your experience of self or others. Be mindful of what kind of tricks your mind tries to play on you throughout your day. Not every thought you think is meant to be acted upon. Be conscious of the ways in which you allow your mind to create stories that pull you away from love. If you feel like your thoughts are straying you from love, list out 10 things that you are grateful for.

2. Recognize when you feel emotional weight coming up/ where it stems from

Any time you begin feeling uncomfortable or unsettled in your emotional body. Take a step back and breathe into it. Do not immediately react about what you are going through. Choose to instead respond by diving deeper into the feelings that are coming up for you, and move further inward. Ask yourself where those feelings are truly stemming from. Was there something in your current life situation that is triggering a past hurt? How can you effectively communicate what you are currently feeling without needing to blame, hurt, or condemn yourself or those around you?

3. Have compassion for yourself and patience with others

We are not taught how to deal with and regulate our emotions. There is no perfect guidebook for how to go about living this life. Remember that you are a human being. You are not meant to be perfect, and within the imperfection is where the uniqueness of your life manifests itself. Be patient with your growth, and be patient with others. As good as we all try to keep our darkness to ourselves there are still going to be times when we feel like we can no longer control it.

4. If you want others to start changing, start by changing yourself first.

Yet be cautious to expect that others will change just because you do. Remember that we are all on different timelines, and our journeys vary. The best you can do is show up as the best version of yourself that you can be TODAY, and through doing this you will be able to show others that change is possible, even if they are not yet ready to claim that possibility.

5. Give out the love that you want to feel

So often we get overwhelmed frustrated and angry when people don’t treat us with the love we believe we deserve. I challenge you to reframe that way of thinking and remember that all of the love that you put out will always come back to you in equal measure. If you want to have healthy relationships, choose love first. Try not to blame others, and refrain from taking the blame others try to give you. It is not your responsibility to play God, and keep your love from anyone to teach them a lesson. The more you hold your love back from others, the less love you will also receive in return. It can be easy to spread hate, fear, or jealousy into the lives of the people we love when we are mad at them for one thing or another. Yet taking the more challenging route to find love, even when it is difficult will always bring that energy back to you. Love, love, love, and never stop loving.

6. Be responsible

Take full ownership of the role you play as the creator of your reality. It is nobody else’s job to make you feel good about yourself. It is also nobody else's job to know what you need, and why you need it. You need to get real with yourself about the role that you play without the storyline of your life. Choose to utilize your communication skills to the best of your ability. If you don’t know how to effectively communicate utilize books, podcasts, or audio that can facilitate growth in that area. Try keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts when they start to overwhelm you. Research the emotions you are feeling, and ask psychological questions that might be in alignment with understanding where those feelings stem from. Refrain from mindlessly reacting to the uncomfortable situations in your life, and choose instead to mindfully respond.

7. Take time to play and have fun

So often we get caught up in all of the things we have to do, and all of the places we have to go. We tend to forget to have fun! Many times on the journey to self-love we talk about ‘healing the inner child.’ The thing that I find interesting about that thought is that we still think we have to do more stuff to heal. Which perpetuates further separation from that child that is within us. The child within you is not worried about fixing themselves, children are focused on being. Rather than always thinking you need to be working on yourself, why don't you try to enjoy being alive in your life instead? Do things that feel fun for you, and let off some steam. Let yourself get crazy, dance, sing, and play. Enjoy your life, and take the masks off, stop being so fucking serious. When you stop taking yourself seriously, everything that you experience in this life becomes a lot less serious too.

Overall, I hope this article has been effective in giving you a different perspective on how you view the mirror of your life. Everything that we encounter, and how we perceive it is directly related to how we feel from within. So when you can focus on making your internal world as beautiful as it can be, you can also make your external world just as beautiful. Recognize that you have the ability to be the creator and the destroyer of your life. It is all up to you, to consciously choose which side of that polarity you want to be on.


Charlotte Mae

owner of NAMAI


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