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 nourish yourself with us   

We have partnered with DRIPP (daily rapture + inner peace practice) to bring you custom circular mats. Not only are we offering this product, but we have collaborated on a Chakra Course to be sold along side the mat to heal+ restore your divine nature.

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get drippy

Jennifer Holland is the owner and creator of DRIPP. She is the walking embodiment of the divine feminine. Her teaching and coaching style is uniquely powerful. She brings an energy of authenticity, clarity, and peace into every realm of her life. Not only does she own DRIPP, but she is also a life coach, teacher, personal trainer, goddess, and entrepreneur.

Her website is embedded below. 

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art is meant to comfort the disturbed +
disturb the comfortable

we have partnered with the amazing and talented artist BEEZ for the designs of our circular mat collection. He is the embodiment of the divine masculine, and he was the perfect artist to bring these designs to life. He is not only an artist but is also; branding guru, digital creator, creative director, and painter.
His website is embedded below. 

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we are extremely grateful

This circular mat project would not have been possible without the help, products, and work of a few more key players. 
They are listed below with links to their instagram pages 

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