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The name 'NAMAI' is a Lithuanian word which translates into 'home.'


The idea behind this brand is to help our community learn that home is not a place you go, but a feeling you experience within yourself through body, mind, and soul awareness. We are here to give you the key to unlocking your peace, and come home to yourself

our vision 

We aim to bring you products, services, and content that allow ANYONE to connect with themselves more fully. As a company we wish to make wellness something that is accessible for everyone. We stand as a reminder that taking care of yourself is not something only certain people can enjoy. It does not matter what your age, race, gender, or beliefs are. We welcome you all home here, and you are all loved EQUALLY. 

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Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is the owner and creator of NAMAI. She is a yoga teacher, mindfulness guru, meditation, and breath-work coach. She started this company at the beginning of 2020. As she evolves the company does the same. Initially this brand was founded on sustainable yoga mats, but now the mission is expanding. Still offering retail products, but also life healing content to nourish your body, mind, and soul. 

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